Lot 100 – Access from the west

Palm Cove is a uniquely intimate beachside village in Tropical North Queensland Australia. We are tucked in between two wilderness World Heritage areas being The Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics Rainforests.

Work has already begun on the Wangetti Trail which begins in Palm Cove. This 65 km walk or bike ride along the rainforest escarpment between Palm Cove and Port Douglas will join the world’s finest long wilderness trails.

Up until now, development along the one kilometre waterfront at Palm Cove has generally respected the nature focussed essence of our location. It’s why we live here and it’s why travellers from all over the world, who love nature in particular, choose Palm Cove as a favoured destination.

However that could change. Local businesses and residents are fighting a Development Application, currently before Cairns Regional Council, for an overly intense development on a 2 hectare critical site adjoining the Palm Cove beachfront described and referred to as Lot 100 (on the plan).

If we are to realise our plan to pedestrianise Williams Esplanade along our waterfront we need vehicular access from the west into Caryota Close and French Streets.

The architect who designed most of the distinctive resorts and apartments along the waterfront as well as the contoured and paved Palm Cove beachfront, as we know it today, described the Lot 100 Development Application as “… flying in the face of everything that Palm Cove is and should be.

Palm Cove Vision seeks to influence development and concepts that protect and enhance the reasons that residents, investors and travellers chose Palm Cove in the first place.  You can contribute to the Vision by choosing to stay informed and up to date.