Promenade 4 Zones

Zone 1 – Walking path only on western side

In places this path is only one metre wide.  It is suitable for slow activity.  It suits pedestrians and human propelled wheelchairs only.

Zone 2 – All powered permitted vehicles and devices

This is one way traffic from south to north at a speed limit of 10 km/hr for vehicles that have no other way to access properties and services other than via the beachfront.  It is proposed to include eDevices delivery vehicles, taxis, rideshare, emergency vehicles, Cairns Surf Lifesaving Club vehicles, motor bikes, vehicles using resort and apartment carparks. Vehicles associated with special events such as the Sunday Markets, Ironman and other events that occur from time to time.  All promenade users from Zones 1, 3 and 4 may also use Zone 2.

Zone 3 – Walkers, runners all human powered transport devices, all personal disabled transport devices

Zone 4 – Beachside walk under palm trees

This is pedestrians and wheelchairs only